Metal planters

Complete the functional experience through
our accessories for metal planters.

Limitless modular system

Spaces are dynamic, they adapt to the uses and rhythm of the environment. At Herstera we have designed modular metal planters to provide a solution to environment designs with less permanent applications. The in-line connector accessory allows multiple metal planters to be interconnected to create larger planting areas, guaranteeing structural stability to the planters, enhancing their minimalist appearance.‎

Base with wheels

Maximum mobility for metal planters through this accessory made of powder-coated steel. A reinforced base with 4 wheels that guarantees effortless mobility of the metal planters. Accessory available for various models.

Light support

At Herstera we have designed a rigid steel support to use with our magnetic led strips. Thanks to its innovation and design, this system makes it possible to provide warm and diffuse lighting to the product and its environment.

Self-watering system

Save time and water with this self-watering pot kit. An excellent system for the health of your plants that has a steel support and self-watering buckets with a water level indicator. This accessory is what allows our metal planters to be part of interior spaces.

Geotextile Felt Bags

Do you know about our grow bags? For excellent water drainage, air circulation and root insulation, these felt bags are also beneficial for the care of your plants and the durability and health of your metal planters.

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