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Big challenges, small details

Give your projects the functionality and elegance provided by our modular metal pots and planters. We help you transform spaces and translate your ideas into a reality. Our pots and planters are designed for room division, space delimitation, to add a green touch to offices, restaurants or hotels… it’s up to you.

Dividers for contract projects

Our modular metal planters allow you to delimit spaces without the need for walls. Thanks to its design, it is possible to create unique environments, providing an excellent impression through a modern style. Availability of accessories and colours.

Colours that inspire

From light shades to anthracite grey, our metal planters blend in naturally with your spaces. The range of colours aspires to a minimalist presence, with an emphasis on functionality and design.

Find the perfect combination for each space.

Planters for interiors: offices and lobbies

At Herstera we believe that the key to good design is simplicity. Pieces with straight lines and high quality materials. The metal planters comply with our design principles, in addition to offering a pleasant experience of use and maintenance through its accessories. The self-watering system provides the planters with an autonomous and optimal irrigation model, making them suitable for indoors.

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