We design the world
we live in

Design and sustainability

We seek good design through products that combine sustainability, shape, function, quality and authenticity. We work diligently to find new ways to reduce our impact. An ongoing commitment!

Natural products

For the creation of our collections we use sustainable materials, from clay to natural fibres, such as rattan or bamboo. These materials are not only natural and renewable, but are made in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


We collaborate with artisans in Vietnam, Indonesia and Tunisia, among others. Working with skilled artisans from around the world opens the doors to inspiration and insight into new production methods. Many of our pieces are unique thanks to the artisan process that we follow.

Our perspectives

Long-lasting products

Enduring designs with enduring appeal, capable of defying any temporary trend.

Natural materials

80% of our products come from natural resources and therefore minimise the use of chemical substances.

Recycled plastic

75% of our plastic pots come from recycled materials.

Plant energy

80% of our products are made using methods that use vegetable energy such as rice husks.

Space optimisation

We are committed to flat packaging allowing the optimisation of space in any logistics centre and reducing transportation.

Ecological packaging

We are working to make 100% ecological packaging.

Certificates and ecolabels

70% of our products are ecologically certified. Our goal is to increase the percentage each year.

Pots that give life

Pots and planters introduce nature into any space and contribute to renewal of the air.

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